Hire the next generation of your company leaders
Enhance your employer branding and streamline the recruitment process to find the best Latin American interns and entry-level talent efficiently
We work with the best Latin American
and North American companies.
How does it work?
Schedule a Business Call Define your company’s specifics with us. We’ll listen to your needs and craft a tailored strategy based on your preferences.
Execute a Marketing Strategy We’ll create and implement a robust marketing plan with over 100 posts on TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs, WhatsApp groups, and more to boost your brand awareness and followers.
Advanced Recruitment Filters Allow our AI to develop the first filter, or choose a human-led approach. Coally designs personalized AI agents or uses human selectors to find the best talent.
Comprehensive Assessments We deliver both in-person and remote assessments. Our processes vary to ensure candidates have the best experience and learn throughout the selection process.
Coordination and Scheduling We coordinate and schedule calls with managers, taking care of the logistics to fit specific agendas.
Paperwork Coordination Our team handles all necessary paperwork, delivering documents through our platform or integrating them into your system as needed.
The best talent talks
by themselves
High Candidates across Latin America from top Universities.
Better quality due to our AI based on Career Goals.
Lower turnover due to career goals alignment.
Hours saved. Get candidates in less than 3 days and fill out the role in less than 1 month.
Build your brand image with Gen Z
Highly recognized brand among best workers
Educational institutions
Net promoter score
Coally vs other platforms
Product Comparison Table
ElementCoallyOther platforms
Integration to Universities> 30 Universities< 10 Univerisites
Vetted talent from UniversitiesYesNo
Education for job+10.000 videos0 Videos
UI UX Simple for company & Candidate8.5/105/10
Hiring process duration< 1 month2 to 4 Months
Net Promoter Score9.87.0



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