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We recruit young talent seeking employment and carry out the selection and hiring process for companies in an easy and fast way, thanks to our AI.

Talento joven
Our employment platform
Search our job listings and select with artificial intelligence the best talent from a pool of over 150,000 professionals from the best Latin American universities and increase your brand image in them.
We work with the best Latin American
and North American companies.
How does it work?
Post jobs using AI. Request us to post a job opening through any of our channels. We will suggest to you the specifications that work best with AI.
Receive a high quantity and quality of applicants. Unlike other platforms, applicants will not randomly stumble upon your job posting. They will be notified by our artificial intelligence depending on how likely you are to hire them.
Save time on screening with AI. Use our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to review resumes, conduct interviews, administer technical tests, and even assess personality and cultural fit. Fully customizable to fit your company’s needs.

Quality talent

2X in best talent screened by top institutions.
Time saving

Let artificial intelligence save you 3X more time in your selection process.
Generates impact

Get more than 50% of your workforce from diversity and inclusion.
Build your brand image with Gen Z

Develop digital marketing campaigns and participate in university fairs.
Multichannel communication

Manage the entire process through WhatsApp.
The future of employment is now
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