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We are the flexible employment platform for young professionals. The only ones that we select, accompany and train in the execution of their tasks

Coally connects qualified young professionals with companies and standardizes deliverables through a set of step-by-step instructions provided by the platform.

Our Goal


Startups and SMEs

To engage small and medium enterprises with the right competencies to excecute tasks/projects with quality.


Young professionals

To create remote work oppotunities for
young professionals who wouldn’t
otherwise have access to work to gain

Our SDG’s contribution


For companies and startups

1. To resolve any problem of small and medium enterprises.
2. To connect the global human talent with those who need it.

For educated young people

1. To reduce unemployment.
2. To offer a new professional trajectory for young qualified, independent, innovative and entrepreneurial professionals.











For the community

1. We generate social impact for communities with the talent from  Colombian universities to the service of impact companies and NGOs from different sectors.
2. To generate business development and competitiveness.

Our team believes that technology will guide professional’s work in the future

























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Marketing Director

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Web Developer

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