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Save training or onboarding time while entering a new member or replacing another in your team

Your team deserves the best start

95% of voluntary resignations during the first days are due to lack of clarity in the practical instructions

+80 companies trust coally in the induction of their professionals

Train your employees before they start their role

  1. Record videos, audios or store texts with the specific functions of each role.
  2. Send the videos to coally in a form or an excel.
  3. You approve the match with the new employee on the platform to enable the videos of each position.
  4. You can access coally’s step-by-step deliverables module and approve or reject deliverables by mail, Whatsapp, or the platform (optional)

Plan Coally

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  • Free trial for 14 days with 1 role
  • Record instructions for the role
  • Sequencial storage

Plan Coally

Induction with our platform
$ 30 Monthly for max. 5 roles
  • Record instructions for each role
  • Sequential storage
  • Tasks Approval Module

Customized Plan

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  • Multiple users
  • Periodic update
  • More storage space

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