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Frequently Asked Questions

We are completely digital, therefore, our payment is made by PSE, credit cards.

We hire you as an outsource contractor

Tpaga is the platform through which we receive our payments. When you pay our fee, it is frozen and we do not receive it until you verify that you are happy with our result. This creates trust in our services, and ensures a timely payment.

Yes, we receive payments by paypal

Our usually last 5 weeks, and we put all our effort to meet these times. However, when you publish your project, we analyze how long it will take us to solve your challenge, and it depends on the complexity.

We execute an automatic process where we evaluate the skillset of the applicant and his fit with the project.

Yes, you will have to pay the retention fee of 300 USD

Coally generates 20% margin per project.

Payment is made before publishing the project.

You should send us an email to

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