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Customized Projects

Tell us your needs and we will assign you a team of talented young professionals, who will be guided by our expert project managers in each area to execute your projects successfully.

Get customized services in:

Digital Marketing

Increase the visibility of your brand in the digital channels in which your target audience is present.

  • Positioning and growth strategies.
  • Graphic design and content creation
  • Facebook and Instagram.
  • Reports of metrics.

Increase web traffic to your site and brand positioning in search engines with Google Ads to increase conversions on your page.

  • Keyword analysis.
  • Campaign planning and management.
  • Creation of graphic pieces.
  • Campaign optimization and budget.
  • Reports of metrics and results.

Investigate the market trends and the behavior of your target audience. Build your buyer persona oriented to consumer psychology around your business.

  • Research design.
    Data collection.
    Analysis and interpretation.
  • Proposal of market entry strategies.
  • Results report.
Web Development

Obtain an informative or e-commerce website that adapts to the needs of your business, with integrations, functionalities, content and design optimized for different devices.

  • Selection of appropriate technology according to functionalities and budget.
  • Layout and web design according to the branding of the brand.
  • User-based experience and navigability with UI/UX.
  • Implementation of design adaptable to all devices.

Design or improvement of mobile applications with the necessary functionalities for the business, aligned with the brand’s branding and with optimized UX strategies.

  • Selection of appropriate technology according to functionalities and budget
  • Layout and web design according to the guidelines and branding of the brand
  • User-based experience and navigability with UI/UX
  • Creation of minimum viable product
    App optimization
Big Data

Automate your company’s reporting using tools like Power BI, Tableau or Data Studio.

  • Automatic integration with Google, CRMs, ERPs and local files.
  • Data visualization.
    Training and regular updating of information.
  • Strategic interpretation that impacts your business

Develop integrations from different sources of information to your company.

  • Data integration focused on marketing indicators.
  • Data integration focused on operations, production chain.
  • Data integration focused on sales: public / private databases.

Development of storage and hybrid data management based on business needs.

  • Construction of ETLs.
  • Cloud integration.
  • Microsoft Azure.

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