Why is Freelance a good option?


Freelance work has been gaining popularity over the last years due to its freedom to work and the monetary benefits that come with it. The implementation of this methodology is beneficial for both enterprises and human capital as it acts as a bridge between them. Freelance gives liberty to the workers to manage their time and to choose their favorite topics for working and it offers companies reliable and skilled services.

As a freelancer, people have the benefit of deciding how many hours they will work every day. This opens other job opportunities that the person can work in meanwhile doing other projects. Freelancers require to be informed and qualified. This means that they will augment their knowledge and increase their experience levels to meet the market standards. One of the greatest characteristics of freelance is that the freelancer decides its workload. Meaning that freelancers get to choose which projects are more meaningful to them, thus , deciding the amount of work they are available to endure.

Freelance work has also certain benefits for the companies, this is due to the fact that they have the opportunity of hiring highly skilled workers. As said before, freelancers can specialize in the industries they most like. Therefore, this creates a more competent and more experienced workforce, which ends up being beneficial for companies as they can receive workers who are passionate about certain projects and that have pertinent work experience background that can positively contribute to the firm.

In the same order of ideas, the companies have the benefit of directly choosing the freelancer they want to work with as they have the possibility of accessing the detailed profile of each of the job candidates. By doing this, the firm can identify the different work trajectories the postulants have and their respective previous experiences. Thus, the enterprise can hire the person that best fits the company goals and culture based on the magnitude of their previous projects. Finally, the firms have the possibility of hiring the workers for a fixed amount of time, meaning that they will pay the freelancer until the project is done. This can mean that the firm doesn’t need to offer all the range of benefits it normally does for a full-time employee, decreasing in a manner their operation costs.

Written by:

Sergio Cano  Parada Digital Marketing Analyst and LinkedIn Manager